NativeCloud File Upload Field Not Working

A small subset of NativeCloud users may experience problems with regard to using the Formstack Native File Upload field on their forms.  The following error occurs immediately after select a file to upload and prior to submitting the form.  "Something went wrong.  Please contact support if the issues persists".



Upon inspecting your browser's console you may also notice the following error message being thrown.

OtherText: "[\"[ErrorCode][PROCESSING_HALTED][ErrorMessage][The transaction was rolled back since another operation in the same transaction failed.]\",\"[ErrorCode][INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY][ErrorMessage][insufficient access rights on cross-reference id]\"]"
ResultSObject: null
ResultText: "Error to upload native file."

To solve this problem you need to adjust object permissions by either creating a new permission set or modifying the profile of the Formstack Primary User.  That user needs all permissions to the 'Documents' object.

To fix this via permission set you can go to Setup > Permission Set > Add New Permission Set > Object Settings > Documents and then configure the following options:


After the permission set is saved, you can assign it to the Formstack Primary User.

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