Version 4.50 Release Notes

  • Improved experience of using Junction or junction-like objects (Master-detail, Lookups, special objects like CampaignMember) which are common in many industry-based data models (NativeCloud support).

  • Fixed an issue in NativeCloud forms where lookup fields may stop working and show a permissions error.

  • Fixed an issue where publishing fails on forms with lookup and child lookup objects of the same type.

  • Disable Resubmit button when any values on failed fields have been changed and are ready for submission. Changes must be reverted to resubmit unchanged submission.

  • Fixed an issue where the payment amount from a Stripe payment field was not saved to the Salesforce record.

  • Fixed an issue where Stripe payments may succeed even if the submission failed.

  • Fixed an issue where lookup fields on Grandchild objects were not working correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where failed submissions are successfully resubmitted but still marked as failed.

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