iOs Devices Loading Middle of Form

A known issue with iOs devices is causing forms on those devices to load in the middle of the page rather than at the top of the form.

While we do have plans to implement a permanent fix for this issue, here is some quick Javascript that will circumvent that issue moving forward.

Feel free to add it to your Form Settings > Javascript script block now:

function FF_OnAfterRender() {
document.body.scrollTop = document.documentElement.scrollTop = 0;


Adding Javascript in Form Settings

While editing your form, click on the Form Settings button. Here, if you scroll down towards the bottom you can see a section called Javascript Code. Place the code listed below in the white box.



Publishing Your Form

Once you have pasted the code, the Form Settings will save automatically. Exit the Form Settings and click "Publish Draft" to publish your form. Your code will now be in place!

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