Activating your Account

1. Waiting on an activation?

We usually activate the license within 24 hours if you have already downloaded the app into your production org.  If you haven't yet installed the app, you can do so by clicking the 'Get It Now' button from our App Exchange Listing and follow the instruction prompts, then download the App into your production Org. Once you've installed Formstack, drop us a line and let us know your Organization ID where you have installed the app, we'll be sure to activate you right away!



2. Your account has been activated, now what?

If you have multiple licenses, please follow the steps outlined in Step-4 to assign those licenses. If you have a NativeCloud license, please follow the instructions below for NativeCloud customers in Step-3.



3. Are you a Formstack NativeCloud Customer?

Once your NativeCloud license has been activated, click on the Formstack tab. You should see a pop for the NativeCloud Setup Helper. Follow the steps to set up your NativeCloud instance. If you get stuck, reach out to our friendly support team to help you get unstuck.



4. I have more than one license, how do I assign licenses to other users?

1). This 2-step process will allow you to assign additional licenses to your Team:

  1. Go to the Setup page (Top-right corner of Salesforce)
  2. In the left-side menu, Under Build, click Installed Packages
  3. Click on Formstack
  4. Click Manage Licenses
  5. Add the appropriate user(s)

2). Give your user(s) permission to create and manipulate forms:

  1. Go to the Setup page again
  2. Administer > Manage Users > Permission Sets
  3. Click Formstack Permissions
  4. Click Manage Assignments
  5. Click Add Assignments
  6. Check the appropriate user(s) and click 'Assign'



5. I'm a NativeCloud Customer with more than one license, what should I do?

Follow the steps to set up NativeCloud first using the Setup Helper. Once you have a successful installation, follow the steps above to assign licenses to Users.



6. How do I start building forms?

Check out our Knowledge Base for helpful Videos and Guides to get you started and customize your Forms and Account.



7. Need some help?

Send us an email via our Help Portal; we're always happy to help!



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