Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I edit a Text field?

Double click on the word "text". After adding the field to the form.


Can I add HTML to a form?

Yes, all our field labels and General text fields are 100% HTML friendly. If you're not familiar with HTML you can use a tool like this to get HTML from Rich text.


Can I style the CSS of a form?

Yes, under the Edit Style tab, hit "Edit CSS"


Can I do X with Javascript?

Yes, you can leverage our Javascript API by adding Javascript to the "Javascript Code" section of your form, under the Form Settings. Here are some common Javascript Recipes


How do I set the default value of a field to Today's date?

Set the default value of a date/time field to {{TDAY()}}. Check this article for more about Custom Formulas:


Do you support Formula Fields, auto number, or Encryption fields?

Currently we do not support Formula fields or Auto Number fields, but we can support Encryption fields on NativeCloud

How do I tell Formstack to Update Existing Records, instead of Create new Records?

Please see this article on the Use of Upsert Fields


Can our Users save their progress, and return to the form later?

Yes, please see this article on the topic of Save for Later


Can we Deactivate our Form?

Yes, just toggle the Active/Inactive switch in your Form Dashboard


When I preview my form, I notice my Javascript and Rules don't work?

Correct, this is by design, as Salesforce will not allow for the execution of Javascript on our interal visualforce page. Instead, publish the form, and access the Hosted Form Link.


How do I review recent Submissions?

Please see this article on the Submission Dashboard


Can I send an Email to our Customers with their submission details?

Yes, please see this article on Email Alerts, specifically, the "Custom Alerts" section


Can I make my rules fire on Form load?

Yes, by leveraging our Javascript API, we can set your form to Evaluate your Rules after the form loads with the following script:

function FF_OnAfterRender() { FFEvaluateRules(); }


How do I create a PDF copy of my form's submissions?

Under your form settings, enable "Save a PDF copy of submissions to Salesforce":




What does this Error message mean?

Take a look at our Commonly Returned Errors article

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