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For longer forms that may require your users to fill out their details in more than one sitting, Formstack offers a 'Save For Later' feature, enabling your users to save their form submission progress part of the way through the submission and come back to it at a later time. This option is great for allowing your users to fill out longer forms a bit at a time, rather than requiring your users to have all their information ready to enter.


Note: Community Forms do not yet support the built-in Save-for-Later functionality. However, we can collect partially completed submissions by saving data in Salesforce and using the prefill functionality. For more information, please check out the steps in THIS article.



To enable Save For Later, simply open the 'Form Settings' in the form editor.



Next, you will scroll until you see the 'Save for Later' checkbox.  You will check this box if you would like to allow your users the option to 'Save for Later'. This will also present you with the option of customizing the text of the save and discard buttons that will be available in your form.



When filling out your form with 'Save For Later' enabled, your users can click 'Save' at any time to save their progress.




When selecting the 'Save' option, the user will be prompted to provide their email address. Once they do so, they will be sent a unique link that they can use to pull up their partial submission at any time.



The user can continue to fill in their details using that link as many times as they need, and submit their details when they're ready. At any time, if they want to abandon their saved submission and start over, they can simply click the 'Discard' button.


Some items to note when enabling 'Save For Later' for your form:

  • When using Save For Later in conjunction with dynamic prefill, the user's saved changes will always take precedence over any pre-filled values.
  • Any changes to make to your forms with Save For Later enabled may have an impact on your users' saved submissions. For example, if your users have filled in a value for a particular field and you remove that field from the form, they'll see that the value they provided in that field will no longer be displayed. It's best to ensure that your form won't change too drastically before enabling Save For Later.
  • Once a saved submission has been submitted, the user will no longer be able to use that saved submission link.
  • The link provided to the user for retrieving their saved submission is the only way of being able to retrieve their saved data. If they misplace this link, they will need to start their form over again.
  • Signatures, payment details, and captcha text will not be saved with any saved submissions - the user will need to provide those details once they are ready to submit.
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