Setting Up NativeCloud

New to NativeCloud? You made a great choice choosing a form builder that offers the flexibility of Formstack and the security, privacy, and reliability offered by the platform. Before you get started building forms, follow this guide to get you started with Formstack NativeCloud!

Setup Walkthrough

First, click the Get Started Button. Next, you'll see the following screen. Click the blue arrow under step one.



Creating a Site

 Here, you have the option to choose an existing site if you already have one created.

If you do not have a site, created, click the link below.

Note: This should cause a pop-up window to appear, so you will want to make sure you allow pop-ups when completing this process.

From here, you will be directed to create a domain name if you do not already have one. Please note, once you create a site domain this cannot be changed without reaching out to Salesforce Support.

Once you have created your domain, below you'll want to create the actual site. We recommend creating a site that models the picture below. Click Save when you are finished.


Once you have completed your site, refresh the setup page and choose your new site.


Assigning Permissions to the Site User

Follow the instructions below to create assign permissions to your Site User. If you run into any errors here please be sure to check and make sure the Site User is Active.  After you complete the steps, click Next.

Note: This should cause a pop-up window to appear, so you will want to make sure you allow pop-ups when completing this process. 


Updating Environment URLs 

During this step, you will configure your NativeCloud environment URLs.  This will connect your application back to your Salesforce instance, allow for setting up Google reCaptcha v2 (checkbox), and configuring remote site settings. 


Get the Instance URL

Follow the instructions below to get the Instance URL. 

Get keys for Google reCaptcha  v2 (checkbox)

💡We recommend using Google reCaptcha v3 which can be set up using instructions on this page

If you are planning to use Google reCaptcha v2 (checkbox), you can add the keys in this section.  If you are not planning on using Google reCaptcha v2 (checkbox), feel free to skip this step. 

Set up the URLs

Almost done now!  To finish with this step simply click the blue "Set up URLs" button. From here, it should automatically set a Done message. Click Next.



Set up your Site Access Points

In order to proceed further, you will need to configure your Remote Site Settings on your newly created NativeCloud setup.  There are three sites that will need to be added, and you can use this document as a baseline for How to Set Remote Site Settings. 


Finishing Set Up

If all goes well, you should see every step crossed off.  Click the blue Get Started button to be redirected to your Formstack NativeCloud Dashboard. 


Salesforce Sharing Rules

Starting with Salesforce Winter 20 release, there is one additional step to complete. To ensure your Site Guest User has access to Formstack objects you will need to create Sharing Rules.

Go to Admin Settings (in Formstack app) > Settings & Permssions > and click 'Create Sharing Rules' for Site Guest Users. Further information on how to do this is detailed in our Salesforce Sharing Rules article.




After you have applied any necessary Sharing Rules you are ready to begin building your forms! 



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