Publishing Error Troubleshooting

Publishing Errors can be very tricky to work with, as there are only a few obvious causes. Below, we will review the common causes of this issue and how you can resolve them.

Remote Site Settings


The most common issue that returns a publishing error is when a user's Remote Site Settings are configured incorrectly. With this article you can review if your Remote Site Settings match the article.


Important Note: Sometimes copying and pasting the settings URL can cause issues. If your settings match the article, try typing out the settings to see if that resolves the issue.


Custom HTML Fields


Check the form to ensure there are no custom input fields created by custom HTML. We currently do not support the creating of input fields with custom HTML.


Ghost Fields


If you recently changed the object structure of your form and deleted an object, sometimes fields left over from the deleted object can still exist on the form. You can tell if you have one of these fields if you are unable to delete the field from the form and it is not a required field from an existing object located in the Form Settings.


Please Contact our Support Team to help aid you with deleting the ghost field.


NativeCloud Sandbox


If you are a NativeCloud customer and you are attempting to create or refresh a sandbox, you must follow the instructions in this article or you may receive the above error.


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