Add a Managed Sandbox

When creating a new sandbox or refreshing an existing sandbox, Salesforce creates a new org with a new org ID. This org id needs to be activated on our system and set to the correct plan and feature configuration. Managed orgs will be auto-configured to match the purchased license count, pricing tier and add-ons on your account.

To configure managed sandboxes, go to Admin Settings>Sandbox Management in your production org. This screen is not available in sandbox orgs. 

💡If you have exceeded the limit of available sandboxes then you can contact us to request an increase to this limit. 

  1. Scroll to the search field to find your managed sandbox orgs. Three letters of the name or org id are required to search.
  2. Once you have selected the destination org, click the Add Org button.
  3. Your selected sandbox org will appear in the table. If you have more than one Sandbox org you would like to add as a managed org, you can select it at this time.




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