Customize Payment Amounts

Formstack Salesforce App allows you to customize the subtotal, shipping & tax amounts that add up to the total payment amount charged to your users. This can be done for each payment field on your form.

💡If you have not already done so, start by creating a form with a configured payment field.

You have several options for specifying the value for each of these amounts:

  1. Specify a static value to be charged. 
  2. Choose a form field from which the value will come from.
  3. Use a formula to calculate the value. We wrote an article about formulas

🔺The most common reason for payment issues is when a value is dependent on a field on your form and the content of that field is either blank or invalid. 


Here are some tips to follow when using fields or formulas to create a bullet-proof payment form:

✔️Set fields to required

✔️Create rules to check if field is blank and set to 0

✔️Create rules to check if out of range and set to valid value.

✔️Use formula with IF conditions for more complicated calculations. 

✔️Use JavaScript for more complex validation and field setting. 

✔️Create a test plan with all possible inputs and execute regularly because your form will change! 


💡Contact us if you need a little help in deciding what your approach to payment values should be!


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