What is NativeCloud?

Formstack NativeCloud offers the full ease of use and flexibility of Formstack with the security, privacy, and reliability offered by the Force.com platform. NativeCloud provides full HIPAA and PIPEDA compliance for all data submitted into your forms and surveys, ensuring your client's personal information will never be shared with or stored on any third party server.


Formstack NativeCloud is 100% Salesforce-native, which means all submitted forms and surveys communicate exclusively with Salesforce directly, ensuring your data stays private and confidential. Plus, you can take advantage of Salesforce's world-renowned uptime for all of your forms and surveys, providing you with the peace of mind in knowing your forms and surveys are always ready to collect client data. If matching Salesforce.com’s SLAs is important to you, Formstack NativeCloud is the way to go.

Feature Differences

The following features are excluded on the Formstack NativeCloud license:  

  • Advanced Prefill
  • Payment Integrations
  • E-Signature Email Verification

For a complete breakdown of all plan types, you can visit this page.


Things to keep in mind:

  • Non-Native integrations can be activated by request which will leverage secure Formstack servers for file upload submissions. These are clearly marked in-app. 
  • Very long or large form pages are compressed using a Formstack (non-salesforce) service when publishing and they are decompressed when invoking PDF generation. No submission data is ever processed or sent outside of your Salesforce org at any time. 


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