Generate & Send Salesforce Prefill Links by Email

You can create a link for any record of your Primary object and send an email that contains the encrypted prefill link directly within our app.   


The Send By Email method allows you to send an email that contains a prefill link to your end-users.


This method can be used without turning on Auto-Generated-Prefill-Links! This is great for orgs that don’t need a prefill link to a form on every record of the Primary object or if issues are experienced with Apex triggers.


🔺 To use this feature your Primary object must contain an email address field. We will send an email to this address that contains the link to the prefilled form. The link is generated at runtime and does not need to be stored anywhere beforehand.

In Publishing Options, with Dynamic Prefill enabled, Click the “Send by Email” tab.


You can send an email to the email address on a single record or to all records in a List View.




The next step is to select the email address field on the Primary object where you want us to send the email.


The next step is to select an existing email template or create a new one from scratch. All Salesforce Email Templates are available. You can also make changes and save these as new templates within our app without overriding your Salesforce template.


The next step is to add any merge fields to the email. Merge fields are fields that we will replace with data from the record so your email contains dynamic information. The prefill link is a merge field as well.



You can select the hosted form link or the embedded form link. You will need to set the URL where your form is embedded if this is what you chose. Don’t forget to click “+” to add the merge field into the right spot in your email template.


When finished with the email, save any changes to the template and click “Send Now.”

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