Salesforce Search

Salesforce Search allows you to search a Salesforce List View that contains more than 2,000 records. A record can be selected and set as a lookup field value to create a relationship on form submission.

💡 See this article to learn more about Lookup Fields.

Salesforce Search uses the same interface as Lookup Fields but works differently behind the scenes. Lookup Fields retrieve the first 2,000 records of a List View from your Salesforce org and allow the end-user to filter those records by a search parameter. This is very fast since it happens on the front-end. Salesforce Search, when activated, will take the user search parameter and send this to your org where we run SOQL to find a list of matching records.


Implications of using Salesforce Search

  • Performance
    Search execution is slower and dependent on the resources of your Salesforce org since we have to execute Apex and SOQL to retrieve results instead of just using the SOAP or REST API. We recommend you index any columns in your List View that will be searched against (all text fields) and limit the List View filter criteria to what is in the use case. We also recommend you test the performance against the load scenario you are expecting.

  • Pricing Plan
    Salesforce Search is a feature that is only available on Pro and NativeCloud Pro plans. It defaults at 100,000 records. This can be increased for an additional fee by speaking with our sales team

  • Activation
    Salesforce Search must be activated by request. This requires some steps to be taken by the customer first and then our provisioning team will activate the feature. When activated the feature is enabled on all forms on Production and managed sandbox orgs.

  • List View Size
    If a List View contains more than the configured search limit then no results will be shown to the end-user. You will need to further restrict the List View filter criteria or contact us to increase the search limit. 


Activate Salesforce Search

  1. Create Remote Site Settings on Production
    • Create a Remote Site Setting to your own org called SFInstanceURL.
      - If the org is using a custom domain then it would be your equivalent of this example:
      - If the org is not using a custom domain then it would be the equivalent of this example:
    • Set Description as "Remote Site Setting added by Formstack to enable SF Search feature."
    • Make sure to enable the new remote site setting.

      🔺 Warning: If you ask that we provision Salesforce Search before a Remote Site Setting is added then all Lookup Fields on all forms in that org will stop showing any results. 

  2. Repeat the steps above for each managed sandbox you are using Formstack with.

  3. Contact Support or Sales to request the feature be activated.

  4. Test all forms with Lookup Fields to confirm they work as expected. 



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